DATE : 18/02/19      
COORDINATED BY: Raneena Raoof & Arun Sankar MV

The annual general meet of IEEE SB JCET was organized on 18/02/19 between
2pm & 4pm. The welcome speech was delivered by Mr.Sanish VS, Branch
Counselor, IEEE SB JCET. This was followed by presenting of the annual report by
Mr.Vayshakh V Kumar, Chairman, IEEE SB. After this EXECOM 2018 was honored
by Dr.Jacob B George, HOD, Mechanical Department. This was followed by
announcement of EXECOM 2019 by Prof.C.Venugopal, HOD, Electronics &
Communication Department. Followed by sharing of experience by Ms.Reshma
VK,Branch Counselor 2018,IEEE SB JCET & final year EXECOM 2018 members.

Reported By: Raneena Raoof

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