Online Student Panel Discussion

Topic: How can students help in the current situation

IEEE IAS SBC JCET organized an online student panel discussion on 18th March 2020 on “What can students do in current situation?”. The 9-membered panel consisted of:

1.Abhinav R(NSSCE)

2.Amal J Nellickan(ASIET)

3.Aslam Ubaid(MESCE)

4.Besny P Paul(TKMIT)

5.Nebic J Johnson (CEC)


7.Madhu Krishnan(JCET)

8.Sreekesh(CE Trikarpur)

9.Vyasan J(RIET)

Other than the panel members we had 35 participants belonging 14 colleges across Kerala Section actively participated in the discussion.

Few notable suggestions that came up in the discussions are:

  • Create an online social media page where all student branches jointly collect the data & share verified news as posters or newsletter.
  • Try to expand the app developed by Aswin from CEC to all districts.
  • Create a chatbot for clearing doubts.
  • Provide geo tag for those in isolation so they can be monitored.
  • Make all possible meetings through video conference.
  • Support & promote all initiatives of the government.
  • Make mask without medication.
  • Produce sanitizers in small scale to be given in neighborhood.
  • Under emergency situations if sanitizer we may use sprit as a substitute.
  • Confirm the Genuity of the information before sharing
  • Utilize volunteering opportunities through government platform & make others aware of it.
  • Avoid public gatherings & try not step out of home for the next 2 weeks.
  • Bring proper awareness among the old age people.
  • Create profile picture posters with proper awareness.
  • Create informative illustration videos.
  • As most of the blood banks have less stock than the required, promote donors.
  • Balance the awareness & fear.
  • Increase immunity & mind power.
  • Keep politics away.
  • Use this time to learn different courses online from free resources & promote such courses.

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